Sunday, February 22, 2009

Too Long! 

Wow….it has been too long since I last posted. Time has just flown by.


Things have been busy the past few weeks. I’ll just have time to write about a couple of them.


Aubree turned 14 years old this month. I know everyone says this about their kids, but where did the time go? It is hard to believe that she is turning into a young woman, complete with all the joys and issues that brings. I think it was really brought home to me awhile back when I took her to the doctor. She had some sort of virus, he examined her, and then asked her, “Have you considered going on birth control?” She blushed and giggled and he said, “I’m not joking. I feel it is my responsibility to bring the issue up with a girl your age. I’ve had pregnant girls in this office younger than you.” She stammered, “but I’m not sexually active. I don’t need birth control!” He nodded and noted that there were other positive aspects to being on the pill as well. As they had this conversation it seemed so surreal. My daughter? Teenager? Birth control? Talking about sex?  Wow.  The upside to the whole incident is that it has led to several conversations between the two of us on the subject.


Then of course there is my other girl, my lovely wife. With school, work, babysitting an infant every other weekend, and other things going on we don’t get a lot of time to ourselves. We partially remedied that for Valentine’s Day, going out for a very nice dinner. We got to eat steak and lobster and enjoy some quiet conversation. Such evenings are important and we need to have more of them!


Then of course there is Patrick. He spends part of each school day working in a veterinarian’s office. I wasn’t sure how that was going to work out. Patrick has never been very fond of animals, staying his distance from the family pets we’ve had over the years. But one of the vets has a chicken coop in back of his clinic. Part of Patrick’s job is cleaning the coop, feeding the chickens, and gathering eggs. He LOVES doing it. When school was out because of the ice he worried about those chickens and who was going to take care of them.  He still surprises me sometimes.


I have been working like crazy on creating a “freshman academy” in our high school for next year. The transition between middle school and high school is where a lot of kids fall between the cracks. I am working on creating an environment that is more personal and will hopefully keep more kids in school.


I am also doing a lot of reading and thinking about my doctoral dissertation. If all goes well I should be able to finish by May, 2010. The next year looks like a pretty busy time in the life of Brian!


I hope all is well in your world!


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