Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Midweek Meandering - Thanksgiving Edition 

It is Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, and all is fine.

This is of course the time of year when we are supposed to reflect on those things we are thankful for. I have so much that a complete list is a challenge.

I have a wonderful wife and kids and a loving, supportive family. They are simply the best. Their love is life’s most precious gift.

I have friends that enhance my life, help me grow, make me think, challenge me, and make me want to be a better person. Many of those will read these words and others will not. Whatever the case, you know who you are and I always wish I could do more to show my gratitude.

I am privileged to work in a job that suits my interests, needs, and abilities. I know that a lot of people are down on teenagers these days, but I work daily with some of the best kids you’ll ever meet. They give me hope for the future, keep me young, challenge my thinking, and warm my soul. There are others that break my heart, challenge my abilities, sometimes discourage me, help me focus, and acknowledge my purpose.

I work with some of the most talented people you’ll ever meet, dedicated to improving the lives of our young people. They inspire me.

My doctoral cohort colleagues are incredible people, dedicated to improving their practice and providing leadership in a system that is starved for it. They stretch me and make me better.

I live in a democratic country made up of free people. Imperfect though it is, there is no place on Earth I’d rather be.

The world is full of problems. Economic times are turning bad and the coming months will be difficult for many. But in times such as these it is all the more important to give thanks for that which we do have.

I have my health and hopefully much more life to live. Fleeting as life is, it is to be savored and celebrated. That is what this day should be.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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