Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The lovers cried 

and the poets dreamed.

While watching an inaugural concert over the weekend I took special note of Garth Brooks’ rendition of  “American Pie”.  While I am not a big country music fan, Garth is a good Oklahoma guy and I thought he did a good job with this song as well as “Shout”. He is such a talent. It seems like forever ago when I saw him performing at a honky tonk in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

But I digress….

I’ve always been fascinated by the lyrics to “American Pie”.  I remember a teaching colleague years ago doing a unit on it as poetry. The students really seem to enjoy picking such a familiar song apart. Over the years I’ve come to understand most of the references. Still, it was nice to see it somewhat put together in the video below:

It is something of a wistful look back at the past and full of alliteration.

The winds of change are certainly blowing in our country. I watched the inauguration yesterday as I have for all of my adult life. There is something comforting about the rituals of a nation, the peaceful transfer of power, a celebration of democracy, and a transition to a new leader. The optimism of new beginnings is powerful indeed.

These are difficult times we face right now and like McLean in “American Pie” we can look back at better days (“I went down to the sacred store where I heard the music playing years before”).  But it is also very important not to let that stop us from looking to the future. After all, “but the man there said the music wouldn’t play”.

Of course it wouldn’t. Life is all about changes and transitions.  We have to find new music to play and we are doing that collectively right now.

Lets pray for sweet tunes and good years ahead. Best wishes to our new president.

I want to drive my Chevy to the levy and not find it dry. 


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