Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year! 

We chose not to go out for New Year’s Eve, staying home with the kids and babysitting the adorable Aidan so that his parents can have a night on the town. We have some yummy food, the Wii that the kids got for Christmas, and other things to keep us entertained. Speaking of the Wii, I’ve had quite the fun playing some of the games, especially “Aerosmith Guitar Hero”. Frustrated rock star and all that you know! I probably don’t want to know how many times I’ve played “Dream On”, trying to get it just right.


I was thinking about the many things I’ve done on previous New Year’s Eves. For some reason my mind drifts back to a party my parents held on this date when I was probably around eleven years old. They had a houseful of friends, most of them from church, and had a sumptuous buffet going. The kids were relegated to being upstairs, although we occasionally darted down the stairs just to see what was going on.


My dad tried to make sure we didn’t miss out on everything. About once an hour he would come upstairs with a couple of plates full of food and fresh drinks, play with us for awhile, and then go back downstairs and rejoin the party. My younger brothers eventually conked out and my dad came up and said, “come on down for awhile. You’ll want to see this!” A knock came at the front door and a disheveled man was standing there in dirty, tattered clothes, a bottle of whiskey in his hand. He stumbled into the house and with grimy hands and face began going around and greeting the rather astonished guests. I knew instantly of course that the drunken bum was none other than my grandfather. He and my parents had cooked up this little stunt as a prank on the guests. My grampy certainly did his part, relishing the role that he was playing. He was such a card, such a jokester and prankster and this was right up his alley. He walked over to a rather stunned looking woman and slurred, “can I have a bite of your food?” When she didn’t reply he just grabbed a handful and stuffed it in his mouth.  Eventually the gig was up, he went to the bathroom and cleaned up to come out and join the party.


Midnight struck and a small man dressed in robes and a white beard ran through the house being chased by a rather large man dressed only in a rather large diaper. Out with the old and in with the new! There wasn’t any booze at this party but it certainly had some entertainment value!


I went to bed laughing.


A new year always seems to offer new possibilities and new hope. I hope everyone enjoys this evening and finds what they are looking for in 2009!


Happy New Year!


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