Sunday, July 13, 2008

Home Sweet Home! 

I’m back from five days in Nashville!

Where to begin?

Working in public education has few perks, but one of them is the occasional chance to travel and stay in places you probably couldn’t afford on your own. The Gaylord Convention Center is a beautiful facility with huge lush courtyards.

It had to be huge to handle the 7500 people that attended the convention. We spent several days attending sessions on everything from literacy to small learning communities to gender differences in learning. Most of the presentations were good to excellent with one or two clunkers thrown in. There were several things discussed that I would like to write about more later.

One interesting little factoid: If the current linear decline of men enrolling in college continues at the same rate, the last man will enroll in college in 2067.

I enjoyed the hotel where I played a lot with the mattress to find my “sleep number”. I had never slept on one of these mattresses. I think my sleep number is about a “50”. Not too hard. Not too soft. Just right for me! One of my friends proclaimed her number was an “80”. I suggested she might be just as well off just sleeping on a piece of plywood!

I had a wonderful evening with the lovely Peach. Meeting blog friends is always fun! She showed me her town, took me to a cool brew pub, and took me out to a nice dinner in a beautiful patio setting, good wine, good food, and good conversation. She was a beautiful, intelligent, and conversational dinner date! Hopefully I can return the favor some day.

My traveling companions were a lot of fun. We enjoyed our evenings, laughing and talking, and ingesting our share of…err….libations! It is always interesting to get to know people outside of the work environment, seeing sides of someone you don’t see at work.

We did go to the Grand Old Opry. I am not a big country music fan, but the Opry is part of Americana and something I have never done. I did enjoy some of the acts, especially Hal Ketchum and Lone Star.

As with much of the traveling I have done, I had a great time but was glad to get home to Terri and the kids. I missed all of them!!

There’s no place like home…even if I can’t adjust my bed to my sleep number.


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